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PhD Quantitative Marketing

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General Marketing

An introduction to marketing, covering strategic (consumer behaviour, segmentation) and operational issues (mix)

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Introductory statistcis

One and two variables (Chi square, correlation)

Multiple variable (Factor analysis, linear regression)

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Applied marketing

Specific lectures on simple quantitative issues

Conjoint analysis, Attraction model, negociation in retail

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Explains the retail sector from an economic and marketing perspective

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Retail Marketing

A course on retail related marketing issues

Geomarketing, Customer behaviour, pricing, loyalty

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Intro to R

An introduction to the R language for statistics

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Econometrics of panel data

Simple and a little bit more advanced models for panel data

Application with R

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Law Marketing

A basic lecture on law for marketers

Each variable of the mix is explained from the point of view of the law

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Media planning

The models behind media planning

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